in every project our goal is to combine outstanding design with artistic thinking and a profound commitment to enhancing the quality of the physical world around us. the studio works on a diverse range of projects including both mass produced consumer products to limited editions.


a project begins with an email or phone request from someone like you. we’ll have an initial meeting to work out concepts, goals, timelines and budget. for some projects we might recommend the additional services of a marketing expert, prototyping company, or photographer. once we have the details squared away we’ll begin getting to know you, your business and your industry peers. one way or another we’ll determine a set of keywords, core values and a vision for the future. we’ll use these terms to evaluate design ideas.


after some processing time, we’ll deliver 3 initial design solutions for your project. we’ll review these sketches and evaluate them based on the values and goals we established, as well as our gut instincts. we’ll choose one idea and get to work building out that direction, fine turning and developing the design. typically we offer 3 sets of revisions, and almost always this is enough to get our design just right.


after all ideation work is done and we agreed on one concept,
we can help you choose the right production method, material and
provide you with a suitable maker for your product/project.